Some Toys Are Not Safe for Toy Dogs

Some Toys Are Not Safe for Toy Dogs

Some Toys Are Not Safe for Toy Dogs | I am writing about a scary experience that we had about a month ago.

We had two Pomeranian male puppies that were 10 weeks old. We had been given a couple of toys for them by a friend. As always, I checked them over for possible problems with chewing and gave the approval for the puppies to have the toys. One of the toys did have eyes, but they were well-set in and would be hard, I thought, to dislodge.

The boys were playing outside in an exercise pen under shade and cover, and about an hour later, Benson brought one of the puppies to me and said, “‘Turbo’ can’t close his mouth.” I immediately looked and saw nothing. I then tried to open the pup’s mouth wider and eventually saw an eye in the back, between the molars. I pulled and pulled, but it was lodged between two teeth. Thankfully, I finally got it loose and the puppy could immediately close his mouth.

The eye was shaped like a button and the part that was sewn to the material is what had lodged between the teeth. If we had not been checking the puppies frequently, it could have been a huge problem.

So, this event prompted me to create a safe toy. I did just that and it was a really a cheap one. I took an 8 ounce water bottle and dried it out. I then placed a couple tablespoons of dog food in the bottle and tightened the lid. The new toy is small enough for them to enjoy. They love picking it up by the lid and tossing it around, and they love to chase it. The puppies play with the toy for hours and have so much fun tossing it and chasing it. No worries about fabric, fringe, eyes, ears or tails to chew and eat. And it was certainly cost-friendly as well.

Some Toys Are Not Safe for Toy Dogs
By Sharon Masnick