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Silky Terrier side photo
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Silky Terrier Guide

Delve into the ultimate Silky Terrier guide, uncovering everything from their characteristics and traits to care tips and rich history.

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Silky Terrier's Breed Origins
Breed History
Sandy Mesmer, Tessier Silky Terriers

Silky Terrier Breed Origins

Purebred Silky Terriers Breed Origins | Here is a thorough account of where the Silky Terrier came from. It starts with the Yorkie, and way before that too.

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Silky Terriers (or Silkys) are 10-inch-tall dynamos animated by curiosity and high spirits. The glorious blue-and-tan coat is straight and glossy, and it feels and behaves much like human hair. The wedge-shaped head is topped by profuse hair parted down the middle, and erect V-shaped ears draw attention to the keen, piercing expression of the almond-shaped eyes. Silkys are more refined than typical ratting terriers, but they should still look and behave like a true earthdog.