pug head photo

    What is a Pug?

    Discover the Pug's ancient origins and endearing qualities. From Chinese emperors to modern homes, ...

    Yorkshire Terrier lying on a table

    Interview With Breeder/Owner Handler Jackie Kuk

    Interview with a Breeder/Owner Handler Jackie Kuk. Jackie shares her experience in the world of ...

    Living with Italian Greyhounds

    The Iggyfied Home

    Explore the nuances of living with Italian Greyhounds, understanding their quirks, and embracing their ...

    Matina E. Johnson, an Owner-Handler, at a dog show.

    The Owner-Handler: A Cycle of Learning and Loving

    Delve into the evolving journey of an owner-handler with 18 years in the sport. ...

    Traveling with the Toy dogs in the RV.

    Transition to Toys or, It’s a Whole New World!

    Discover the differences between owning large breeds vs Toy dogs. Dive into a journey ...

    Chihuahua longhaired sitting its head tilted

    Living With A Chihuahua

    Living with a Chihuahua: Beyond a toy breed, they're agile hunters, devoted guardians, and ...


    Yorkshire Terrier
    Shih Tzu

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