toy spaniel head photo

    Welcome to Toy Spaniels

    English Toy Spaniels are sweet, charming, a bit bull headed and super smart. Charlies ...

    pekingese head photo

    Pekingese Examination on the Table

    Examining Pekingese on the table is similar to the examination of other breeds. Judges ...

    black and whtie photo of a Havanese dog standing outdoors

    Havanese History

    Havanese country of origin is Cuba. As is true of the history of many ...

    conformation dog show

    Conformation – The ‘Other’ Performance Event?

    Conformation is all about the evaluation of breeding stock. Well, at least that’s what ...

    2022 Chihuahua Club of America National Specialty

    2022 Chihuahua Club of America National Specialty – Judge’s Commentary

    Sharon Masnick shares her insights on judging the Chihuahua Club of America National Specialty ...

    Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan

    It’s Not You, It’s Me – How Handling Can Make or Break Your Performance

    Handlers are quick to blame the external environment for the dog’s mistakes. However, we ...

    shih tzu with topknot

    The Shih Tzu Topknot

    The shapes and styles of Shih Tzu topknots over the past few decades has ...


    Yorkshire Terrier
    Shih Tzu

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