Top Notch Toys Celebrates Our 40th Anniversary

    Top Notch Toys Celebrates Our 40th Anniversary

    Join us in celebrating 40 years of dedication to Toy Dogs! Discover our commemorative ...

    The Spirit of the Chihuahua

    Experience the endearing Chihuahua spirit: a 30-year odyssey of loyalty, love, and unbreakable bonds ...

    Maltese puppy companion

    Maltese the Consummate Canine Companion

    While its exact origin may be widely debated, strong evidence indicates an established presence of this ...

    Purebred Puppy

    Beauty is As Beauty Does

    Puppy temperament testing is not a “pass/fail” situation, nor is it an absolute determination ...

    shih tzu running on grass

    Training the Performance Shih Tzu Dog – Challenging but Rewarding

    Training the Performance Shih Tzu Dog - Shih Tzu are very much a thinking ...

    Brussels Griffon head photo

    Brussels Griffon | The ‘Almost Human Expression’

    I will endeavor to write about the Brussels Griffon’s “almost human expression.” I have ...

    Side photo of a Miniature Pinscher walking, on leash.

    Judging The Miniature Pinscher

    Insights on judging the Miniature Pinscher dog breed, its hackney-like gait, and table examination ...


    Miniature Pinscher
    Brussels Griffon
    Shih Tzu

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