Brianna Hutchins, Gretchen Ribblet, Rylee Menard, Alessandra Wagner

    Today’s Juniors Tomorrow’s Breeders!

    Meet tomorrow's breeders! Brianna's Manchester Terriers, Gretchen's Cash, Rylee's Magical Mischief Maker, and Alessandra's ...

    Dennis B Sprung

    A Word or Two from AKC President & CEO Dennis Sprung

    Discover AKC's latest updates: DNA +Health Kit launch, 2023 Lifetime Achievement Awards winners, and ...

    A Message From Dr. Donald Sturz, President – The Westminster Kennel Club

    Dr. Donald Sturz welcomes all to the 148th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, celebrating ...

    Illustrations of Shih Tzu's head.

    The Shih Tzu Head

    Explore the Shih Tzu head's history and standards, a breed trait facing loss, as ...

    ‘Papillon’ – Butterfly in French / Delightful Companion in English

    Explore the delightful world of Papillons – their playful nature, intelligence, and unique beauty. ...

    Silky Terrier side photo

    Silky Terrier Guide

    Delve into the ultimate Silky Terrier guide, uncovering everything from their characteristics and traits ...

    cavalier at a dog show

    Cavalier Movement

    Explore the essence of Cavalier movement—a vital aspect often overlooked. Delve into its significance ...


    Brussels Griffon
    English Toy Spaniel
    Shih Tzu

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