Today’s Juniors Tomorrow’s Breeders!

    Brianna Hutchins, Gretchen Ribblet, Rylee Menard, Alessandra Wagner

    Today’s Juniors Tomorrow’s Breeders!

    Q: Who is your current Juniors dog? Who is the dog’s breeder?

    Q: Have you already bred or co-bred a litter? If you have, which breed(s)?

    Q: Are you interested in becoming a purebred dog breeder? If so, do you have a breeder-mentor?

    Brianna Hutchins

    My current Juniors dogs are my two Manchester Terriers: “Cash,” a Toy variety, GCH Heaven Hi’s Upgrade At Sambria BCAT, and his littermate, “Curby,” who is a Standard variety Manchester Terrier, CH Heaven Hi’s Curb Appeal CGC. Sire: GCHG Nantam Voyager; Dam: CH St. Stephen’s Once Smitten at Marjani. Breeders: Jerri Hobbs and Julie Hartigan.

    Yes, I have currently co-bred five litters with my family. So far, I have only bred Boxers but hope to contribute to the conservation of the Manchester Terrier.

    I have always been interested in becoming more involved in the world of purebred dogs! Having been born into dogs, my parents have always encouraged my interest and involvement in our breeding program at home from a young age. As I get older, I hope to build on this knowledge with the many opportunities available to Juniors and Preservation Breeders.

    Gretchen Ribblet

    CH Heise’s Cold Hard Cash RI FDC NJ NF BCAT CGCA TKN ATT is my current Juniors dog. I am proud to say, all of “Cash’s” titles have only been earned by him and me. Lydia Heise is his breeder.

    I have not yet bred or co-bred a litter, but I’m hoping to in the near future.

    Yes, I’m interested in becoming a purebred dog breeder, with help! Lydia Heise, Darlene Schmucker, and my Mom are my breeder-mentors,
    and I hope many others I meet along the way.

    Rylee Menard

    My current Juniors dog is BISOH RBISOH GCH Vivid’s Magical Mischief Maker, bred by Deanne Hood.

    No, I have not bred or co-bred a litter.

    Yes, my mentor is also Deanne Hood.

    Thank you!

    Alessandra Wagner

    My current Juniors dog is “KC” the Toy Fox Terrier who was bred by my parents, Tab & Troy Dvorak, and Marie Stenberg.

    I have co-bred three Toy Fox Terrier litters! I would love to become a purebred dog breeder in the future!

    I have my mentor, Sue Sunnenberg, and my parents!

    TNT Staff

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