Biewer Terrier Dog Breed

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A black and white Biewer Terrier with long hair.
Biewer Terrier Dog Breed
Nayef Homsi

Judging the Biewer Terrier

Unlock the world of Biewer Terrier characteristics with insights on color standards and a breed-specific table exam protocol for judges.

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The Biewer Terrier is an elegant, longhaired, tri-colored toy terrier whose only purpose in life is to love and be loved. They maintain a charming, whimsical attitude well into adulthood. Carrying around a toy or two is not surprising.

The Biewer Terrier is a very dedicated, loyal family member and friendly with strangers. A large percentage of the Biewer Terriers are happy-go-lucky dogs, smiling when asked if they are happy. In spite of its small stature, the Biewer is a very hearty, athletic dog and an excellent hunter of vermin. They are lighthearted, have a childlike attitude and like to carry toys in their mouths. He is quick to alert you to company, but is not a constant barker. How do you pronounce Biewer Terrier? Beaver, exactly like out little dam building friends.