Toy Fox Terrier

    The Toy Fox Terrier is a diminutive satin-coated toy terrier with an amusing toy-dog personality. It is, as breed fanciers say, “truly a toy and a terrier.” They began as barnyard ratters but are today beguiling companions with a big personality.

    Toy Fox Terrier (TFT) standing on top of a brick wall with flowers behind it

    Judging the TFT

    Judging Toy Fox Terriers (TFT): Gain expert insights, breed standards, and essential tips in ...

    Traveling with the Toy dogs in the RV.

    Transition to Toys or, It’s a Whole New World!

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    Toy Fox Terrier running outside in the sunset

    Health of the Toy Fox Terrier

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    Toy Fox Terrier activity - lure coursing

    Toy Fox Terriers – More than Just a Pretty Face

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    3 toy fox terrier puppies in a red basket

    Toy Fox Terrier Dog Breed Characteristic and Traits

    Toy Fox Terrier is diminutive and his characteristic traits are his elegant head, short ...