Make a wish… The Healing Power of Puppy Love



    The Healing Power of Puppy Love – I was contacted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation 15 years ago with a request from a girl asking for a Papillon puppy as her wish. I had been contacted by them (through the AKC) before with an earlier wish for an adult Papillon. Before we could make the arrangements the wisher passed away. I was anxious to fulfill this request promptly. This was a little girl named Heather. I left Dreamer with her and they began their relationship. No training, just what was needed as you will read. A few months ago I received this lovely note. I will copy it word for word:

    It is with both great sadness and great joy that I am feeling as I touch base with you and letting you know what an amazing impact your act of kindness 15 years ago had on my daughter’s life (& mine). 15 years ago you offered an incredible little Papillon to a very sick little girl through Make-A-Wish. You flew up to Chicago with Dreamer and gave him to Heather right there at the airport. They remained inseparable ever since that moment. I cannot even begin to tell you all the struggles that Dreamer helped Heather overcome. I often have thought that Heather would not have been able to battle the Juveniledermatomyositis (JDMS) she has been struggling with her whole life, if Dreamer wasn’t there for her.

    Sadly, our little guy passed away yesterday. Even right up to the end, he was by Heather’s side. Her JDMS is being controlled and she works from home as a computer programmer. Dreamer’s little bed was always right next to her chair. He wouldn’t sleep anywhere but right by her and he loved her with all his heart. He was well-loved in return by both of us.

    Thank you for your kindness. He was absolutely perfect and I think he saved my daughter’s life many times over. It may have seemed like a simple act, but the results were profound.

    – Laurie

    A few notes from me:

    Just after Heather received Dreamer, she drew this picture of him. Her mother sent it to me with a small picture of Heather at the time. I have included a picture on it. After this letter came to me I called and asked for a recent picture. She said Heather doesn’t like having her picture taken. So be it. I still have Dreamer on the wall, that is Heather’s drawing. I cannot tell you how this letter from her mother affected me. I could only sit and sob as the tears welled up. To think that this little puppy dog knew exactly what the girl needed and when. Remember, there was no training, just the healing power of puppy love.

    TNT Staff

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