Insights from Toy Group Judge Peggy Lloyd

    Toy Group Judge Peggy Lloyd

    Interview with Toy Group Judge Peggy Lloyd

    Where do I live? How many years in dogs? How many years as a judge?
    I live in Round Top, Texas, and have been in dogs for 50+ years. I have been judging for 20+ years.

    Do I have any hobbies or interests apart from purebred dogs?
    In conjunction with my partner, Denny Mounce, we raise and show Miniature Horses.

    Can I talk about my introduction to the Toy breeds?
    I had always loved all the smaller breeds, but when I saw a Maltese at a training class I knew I had found the breed for me! I went to the person’s home and bought my first Maltese that very night!

    Apart from size, how would I define this Group?
    Toys are companion dogs, as opposed to other breeds that have “jobs” to do.

    Do I personally categorize the Toy breeds into any “subgroups?”
    No, I don’t.

    Is it acceptable to reward a Toy Dog with a bad bite?
    In my opinion, a bad bite is a fault and must be considered as such in the overall evaluation of the dog as compared to the standard.

    Can I speak to the current overall quality of the Group?
    I believe, at this time, the Toy Group is in the best overall shape of all the Groups.

    Why do I think so many Toy breeds are popular today?
    I believe Toys are so popular because of their small stature and the diversity within the breeds. People want a companion that they can take with them. Coated breeds have become rarer because coat maintenance involves so much work and time.

    Are there specific challenges presented when judging the low entry breeds?
    I don’t think so, I just judge them against their standard.

    Do I have any advice to impart to new Toy judges re: the table exam?
    I prefer to ask the exhibitor to show the bite themselves and, if they are struggling with the dog on the table, I back away and give the exhibitor [an opportunity] to regain control of their dog.

    Any comments regarding judging Toys outdoors versus indoors?
    I think show dogs should be trained to show indoors or out. The exception would be trying to judge movement in tall grass. However, most clubs will mow the grass prior to the show.

    What have I found to be the greatest challenges and rewards as a judge of this Group?
    Since I started in Toy breeds, I don’t find any challenges in judging this Group.

    Can I name one or two of my all-time favorite Toys?
    One of my all-time favorites was Ch. Snowy Roxanne, a Maltese shown by the late Peggy Hogg. I felt that she had a perfect coat texture for the breed, which wasn’t so easy to find back in those days.

    Would I encourage exhibitors to enter their Toy dogs in Companion events?
    Sure, anything that inspires interaction with your dog is a good thing!

    I believe, at this time, the Toy Group is in the best overall shape of all the Groups.

    • Ms. Lloyd is a native Texan, presently living on an 11-acre farm in south central Texas, and breeding & showing miniature horses. Many of her horses have won top honors at horse shows, including World and National Champions, both in halter and performance. A true dog lover for her entire lifetime, Ms. Lloyd specialized in Toy & NonSporting dogs as a professional handler for over twenty five years. Ms Lloyd was a Member of the first Class of AKC Professional Handlers. She showed Group, Specialty & BIS Winners during her handling career. Breeding under the kennel name Pegden, Peggy, along with her partner Denny Mounce, bred many champions, including Maltese, Shih Tzu, Mini Wire Dachshunds & Beagles. Founder of Maltese Club of Greater Houston, Ms. Lloyd worked tirelessly for years to promote the breed of Maltese and the MCGH. That club became the first Independent Maltese Specialty approved by the AKC. She served in all capacities and was it's President for many years. Peggy also served in the past as a Board Member of the American Maltese Association and longtime member of the Houston Kennel Club.. Approved to judge since 1996, Ms. Lloyd has been welcomed all over the United States and has also had the honor of judging in Mexico, Argentina, China & Brazil. Ms. Lloyd presently judges Toys, Non-Sporting, Terriers, Beagles, Dachshunds, & 17 other Hound Breeds.

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