Chihuahua Survey

Longhaired Chihuahua running in the grass

I have been showing and breeding dogs since 1986. I acquired my first Chihuahua in 1992. Two months later, I had to have another. My first show Chi was a blue tri spotted girl bred by Barbara K. Smith (BK’s) and Brooke Kaye (Genbrook). That girl taught me to love Chihuahuas of every color. I have finished dogs in every color, even six merles. Wonderful people have helped me along the way. Because of them, I have had top dogs in America, Mexico, Argentina, and Russia.

I live in Mesa, Arizona, and I’m a pet groomer. I’ve been involved in dogs for 40-plus years. Any hobbies outside of dogs? Dogs are my life, but I love watching movies.

I have had lots of different breeds, but never had a dog more devoted and loving than a Chihuahua. The breed is very intense with its people.

Saucy Expression: A little twinkle in their eye of naughtiness. Apple Dome: Think Macintosh (big and round). Sickle Tail: Perfect tail should go up, and the tip should sickle (point) towards their head.

The correct proportion for the breed is off-square and slightly longer than tall. Big coats on Longs can be very deceiving. You need to get your hands on them before you decide if they are too long.

The key differences between Smooth Coats and Long Coats are that Smooth Coats are more Terrier-like in temperament. Long Coats have a softer temperament.

My preferences for solid, marked or splashed coats when judging Chihuahuas? You should never judge color. All colors are equal and allowed! Fawn and black tri are the most preferred.

A dependable showdog—sometimes. And then, at other times, it’s all fun and games. Chihuahuas are the ultimate companions. They love to go anywhere that their people need to go.

Some of the challenges of breeding and keeping the world’s smallest purebred dog are that the breed can have issues with hydrocephalus, hypoglycemia, slipping stifles, and heart and eye issues. However, I have been blessed with a very healthy line of dogs.

The breed is a joy. I love everything about them. Plus, they live a long time. I know of quite a few 18-plus-year-old Chihuahuas.

My favorite funny Chihuahua moment would be when Paula Murray and Miss Mary were in the BIS ring in Flagstaff. The Bulldog did his down and back, and Mary turned it on; she barked and was spinning around. Paula’s face told it all. She didn’t know what to do. Mary was always perfect and she had something to say to that Bulldog! Everyone’s eyes were on the Chihuahua because she was being a Chihuahua.

Final Thought: Chihuahuas are small, but should still be sound. They should be able to move. The Standard calls for swift. Remember, they were street dogs and needed to be able to get away from predators. They also need a good bite and strong teeth for the same reason. Just because it’s a Chihuahua doesn’t mean it should be less than other breeds.