Breed Judging

    Illustrations of Shih Tzu's head.

    The Shih Tzu Head

    Explore the Shih Tzu head's history and standards, a breed trait facing loss, as ...

    cavalier at a dog show

    Cavalier Movement

    Explore the essence of Cavalier movement—a vital aspect often overlooked. Delve into its significance ...

    Side photo of a purebred Brussels Griffon.

    Judging Brussels Griffons

    Carole Ross delves into the intricate art of judging Brussels Griffons, emphasizing the significance ...

    A black and white drawing of a Pekingese dog with a tail.

    Pekingese Tail Carriage

    Pekingese Tail Carriage: Tribute to Nigel Aubrey-Jones' devotion, exploring breed character through tail indicators.

    Toy Fox Terrier (TFT) standing on top of a brick wall with flowers behind it

    Judging the TFT

    Judging Toy Fox Terriers (TFT): Gain expert insights, breed standards, and essential tips in ...

    A black and white Biewer Terrier with long hair.

    Judging the Biewer Terrier

    Unlock the world of Biewer Terrier characteristics with insights on color standards and a ...

    Side photo of a Miniature Pinscher walking, on leash.

    Judging The Miniature Pinscher

    Insights on judging the Miniature Pinscher dog breed, its hackney-like gait, and table examination ...

    Papillon dog playing outside

    The Papillon

    Discover the charming and elegant Papillon dog breed - known for their butterfly-like ears, ...

    Combined photos of Ingela Gram, a Maltese breeder

    A Masquerading Maltese Started It All!

    Discover how a chance encounter at Crufts led Ingela Gram, a Bernese Mountain Dog ...