Breed History

    Shih Tzu dogs sitting on a rock.

    A Brief History of the Shih Tzu

    Explore the Shih Tzu's history from ancient China to present, highlighting its evolution, breeding ...

    History of the English Toy Spaniel

    A History of the English Toy Spaniel

    Richard LeBeau delves into the English Toy Spaniel's history, detailing its AKC recognition, evolution ...

    A litter of Russian Toy puppies in various colors.

    Characteristics of the Russian Toy

    Discover Russian Toy dog characteristics: square build, coat types, vibrant temperament, elegance, intelligence!

    The Spirit of the Chihuahua

    Experience the endearing Chihuahua spirit: a 30-year odyssey of loyalty, love, and unbreakable bonds ...

    Papillon dog playing outside

    The Papillon

    Discover the charming and elegant Papillon dog breed - known for their butterfly-like ears, ...

    japanese chin puppies

    History of the Japanese Chin

    Far Eastern traditions shroud the Japanese Chin's origin. Small dogs traveled the Silk Road ...

    japanese chin origin history

    The Japanese Chin Historically Speaking

    Most historians agree, the Chin was first present in China; however, its long history ...

    Italian Greyhound head

    Italian Greyhound – History Information

    The breed originated in the countries known today as Greece and Turkey. Learn more ...

    Manchester Terrier dog runnin on beach

    Manchester Terrier – Breed History & Information

    Manchester Terriers are considered among the earliest known Terrier breeds with mentions in history ...

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